Quick Tips for Installing and Utilizing Hunter-Vision Technology

Quick tip 1… When condensation does start forming on the hunter-vision, let it form and it will start shedding fairly quickly. Wipe off glass next to the film to help vision until water starts shedding. See Pic below for example of water shedding!

Quick tip 2… Install Hunter Vision on inside and outside of window closely lining up to help frost on outside of window and water to shed quickly.

Quick tip 3… Keep the protective layer you peel off of the inside of the Hunter Vision. Lay back over Hunter Vison when your hunt is over. Leave on until legal shooting light of next hunt or when you think most action will start in evening and have even better view/filming opportunity.

*Filming Tip **If filming hunts** – keep protective layer over Hunter Vision until your target animal is in the field. Then peel and get awesome footage up to the shot! No more blurred footage!

By following these tips, you’ll maximize the effectiveness of Hunter-Vision, ensuring a clear and precise vision during your hunt and the opportunity to capture high-quality footage when filming.